From the world to Spain

Our unique service personalized approach provides satisfaction
to executives, individuals and families

Destination services

By establishing contact with our clients well before their arrival, we can pinpoint their needs and expedite the relocation process. Our advanced search tools and valuable network of agencies, direct owners and providers become a unique advantage.


Once contract is signed, we accompany client to new home to verify inventory and basic installations.

We will explain and interpret terms of lease contract, plus assist in negotiation of rental price and applicable conditions.

If you are relocating with children, selecting the best school system for your family is most likely one of your top concerns. We have expertises that could provide explanation of the Spanish education system and options including state, private and international schools.

Our specialized home search and screening service is based on client preferences and needs. By means of a detailed questionnaire and/or a personal interview, we determine the exact housing requirements.

We can arrange for temporary accommodation for duration of home finding process or for the required time period. We work with a select group of providers to ensure quality, comfort and convenient location.

We can help you getting an overview of what you and your family can expect when moving to Barcelona for a shorter or longer period of time.
We supply the information needed and answer all the questions you may have to make a lifetime decision on whether to take the step.

Our counsellor will give you a complete preview of what to expect during the relocation process. Including essential information about administrative procedures, sample property descriptions and photos, and a questionnaire to define priorities and home search criteria.

Immigration & legal services

Handling the technical and administrative aspects of transferring to a new country can become a time consuming factor. Our services are designed to expedite this process, ensuring our clients can save time and avoid unnecessary paperwork.

A member of our team will accompany you to the appointment to facilitate communication and complete the necessary forms. In fact, we will help you fill out the required paperwork beforehand, saving valuable time during the actual transaction.


  • Residence permits
  • Work authorizations
  • Visas and Extensions
  • Registration in Consular Office
  • Social Security registration
  • City Hall/resident registration
  • Bank account set up
  • Health insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Driving permit
  • Driving school enrolment
  • Tax application forms and related services

Settling in services

Once our clients are settled in, they come face to face with an exciting period of adjustment and discovery. To ease their integration we can assist in the following areas:

General introduction

Our counsellor will offer a general introduction to the main cultural and social aspects of daily life here, and provide additional information about available courses and workshops.


Getting to know the city and its history will enhance your appreciation of the culture and ease your transition. We can arrange for a personalized tour with experts in the field who will answer your questions and give you interesting information about the city.

Because language opens many doors, we offer a list of language schools and private tutors, which you can choose from based on your time and language requirements.

We can coordinate your participation in personalised programs to provide crucial insight. The courses are designed to help you deal successfully with people of different backgrounds, avoiding culture shock and interpersonal blunders. Areas of study include social practices, business etiquette, communication and negotiation styles, effective management and daily life.

On-going support

At BRS we know relocating involves much more than looking for a place to live. That’s why we address all the issues that surface as you begin your life in a new country. We point you in the right directions and recommend contacts to help you settle in faster and more efficiently.


An interesting option for clients who want a special type of décor without having to invest in new furniture. We have contacts with the best local providers and will arrange for delivery and pickup.

We can present the best alternatives available for children activities/sports.

Our providers are available to respond to your technical needs, including emergency visits. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, handymen, technicians, IT experts, etc.

Our valuable contacts can help you with your storage needs for competitive rates and with flexible packages to choose from.

Our counsellor can expedite obtainment of information and documentation required if travelling with pets.

Our staff will assist you with all the documentation required to bring and register your vehicle.

We will recommend the best option from a carefully selected a group of dedicated workers who are reliable, efficient and accommodating.

For your convenience and peace of mind, we can assist your spouse or partner in his/her integration, including health provider referrals, language courses, job search tools, shopping tips, special interest organizations, and key contacts.

As part of your settling-in process, we can direct you to business associations, social clubs and trade groups you might be interested in.

We can recommend the most appropriate moving company based on your country of provenance and specific needs.

Once we inform you of different offers from main providers, we can order the service package of your choice, and coordinate installation date/time based on client schedule.

We will contact service companies, arrange for connection and invoicing for utilities: gas, electricity, and water.

Additional services

At BRS we are in the business of anticipating needs. In addition to our basic services, we maintain an exclusive roster of useful service providers and key contacts in different areas:



  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Property Appraisers
  • Translation and interpretation
  • International Lawyers
  • Insurance companies and brokers
  • Sports Club and Fitness centres
  • Concierge services (reservations, theatre and event tickets,
  • registration in tradeshows and conventions, babysitters, messenger service