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Our unique service personalized approach provides satisfaction
to executives, individuals and families

Our corporate relocation services to spain

At BRS we believe that by helping your employee and his family settle into life with the minimum effort, we will maximize your investment.

Our extensive client list includes private companies, multinational corporations, prestigious business schools and institutions, government agencies and international organizations.Assignees, with or without spouse or partner, deserve all the time and dedication needed to make successful transition. Meeting their needs accurately will make the transferee feel more confident, productive and focused at work. This represents a series of paramount benefits for the company or organization.


We speak Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese

Our advanced search tools, extensive property listings and valuable network of contacts and direct owners give us an advantage over conventional methods.

Thanks to our advanced Relotracker® system, HR Managers and transferees can have access to status and progress reports on their relocation process. This innovative system offers follow up notes and budget control options so you can stay updated throughout the process.

Your employees seek a friendly, personalized service that will turn their relocation and integration into a positive, stress-free experience. We eliminate language and cultural barriers and accompany them through each step of the process. We listen, we propose and we take action.

Tracking and reporting the relocation process guarantees cost efficiency and the flexibility to make timely decisions. Our advanced technology systems deliver measurable results and maximize invested time and efforts.


Personalized Relocation Services to Spain

From our own personal experience we understand the situations, which you and your family might encounter during your relocation process. We can anticipate and resolve them effectively by establishing early contact with you to start working immediately on all issues related to housing, schools, transport and services. Thanks our hands-on approach, hundreds of individuals have chosen us as their relocation and global mobility advisor.

Our counsellors will show you the ins and outs of settling in Barcelona, providing expert advice to help you make the right decisions. Plus, you will discover a world of personal benefits.


Our counsellor will explain additional services available to make your life easier in your new environment.

Our counsellors will make sure that your spouse, partner and family needs are addressed so that the transition becomes easier for all of you.

Our counsellor will listen and analyse your specific needs, paying close attention to key details, logistics and cultural issues.

No other agency or direct owner will provide you with a more complete and personalized home search service. Our advanced tools and exclusive network of agencies and contacts become a unique advantage within the local market.

We look for the most appropriate shortcuts and solutions, in order take up the least amount of time from your work and obligations.

Because unpredictable factors and situations can arise, we are ready to respond to new challenges with creative solutions, a practical approach and absolute confidentiality.

Our services will simplify time-consuming processes, allowing you to maximize your time and energy.

By taking care of the administrative and home searching issues, you can fully concentrate on your work or studies.

We speak Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese

Relocation management company

BRS is the top reliable and long term partner in Spain for the relocation management companies. We understand many of the top multinationals around the world need an RMC to organize their corporate mobility programs.

15 years on the global mobility management and relocation services market, high satisfaction rates from all clients and enduring relationships with local partners make BRS a guaranteed successful partner to have in Spain, a partner with the expertise and practice necessary to recognize the needs of each individual client and adapt to the local reality.

BRS offers its clients an intelligent and extensive menu of services. Each relocation policy is tailored to meet individual corporate goals and budgets. We continue to take advantage of the rich culture each company brings, while maintaining industry position of innovation by constantly introducing new mobility strategies to serve the needs of its clients.

To limit the business cost is one of the essential factors we keep into account to ensure the employee and their families settle in efficiently and effectively.

BRS is able to provide significant cost savings through trusting relationships with our network of providers. Also, by getting involved early in the relocation process before a final decision to move occurs we can reduce the number of failed relocations, provide an accurate budget to work from, eliminate the risk of non-acceptance by the transferee/assignee, discover any potential issues, streamline house hunting trips, and minimize policy exceptions