expatriates in Spain

Cultural integration for expatriates in Spain

Once our clients are settled in, they come face to face with an exciting period of adjustment and discovery. To ease their integration we can assist in the following areas:

General Introduction

Our counsellor will offer a general introduction to the main cultural and social aspects of daily life here, and provide additional information about available courses and workshops.

Cross Cultural Training

We can coordinate your participation in personalised programs to provide crucial insight. The courses are designed to help you deal successfully with people of different backgrounds, avoiding culture shock and interpersonal blunders. Areas of study include social practices, business etiquette, communication and negotiation styles, effective management and daily life.

Language Courses   

Because language opens many doors, we offer a list of language schools and private tutors, which you can choose from based on your time and language requirements.

Cultural Tours

Getting to know the city and its history will enhance your appreciation of the culture and ease your transition. We can arrange for a personalized tour with experts in the field who will answer your questions and give you interesting information about the city.