moving to Spain
house relocation in Spain

Relocation services in Spain: pre-arrival

By establishing contact with our clients well before their arrival, we can pinpoint their needs and expedite the relocation process. Our advanced search tools and valuable network of agencies, direct owners and providers become a unique advantage.

Initial contact

Our counsellor will give you a complete preview of what to expect during the relocation process. Including essential information about administrative procedures, sample property descriptions and photos, and a questionnaire to define priorities and home search criteria.

Orientation Tour

We can help you getting an overview of what you and your family can expect when moving to Barcelona for a shorter or longer period of time.
We supply the information needed and answer all the questions you may have to make a lifetime decision on whether to take the step of moving to Barcelona or not.

Barcelona Relocation’s orientation service is designed to provide information about daily life in the host country, with emphasis on one or more key areas to compare and contrast types of accommodation available, value for money and local facilities.

The tour is compiled and conducted by a specialist Area Consultant to include features relevant to the personal interests and concerns of the transferee family.

Temporary accommodation

We can arrange for temporary accommodation for duration of home finding process or for the required time period. We work with a select group of providers to ensure quality, comfort and convenient location.

Home search

Our specialized home search and screening service is based on client preferences and needs. By means of a detailed questionnaire and/or a personal interview, we determine the exact housing requirements.

According to the specific needs, we prepare a short list of properties and send you photographs and details via email. Before your arrival you will received a detailed agenda with the visits to the properties. We accompany you in all the visits, provide intermediation and facilitate communication with agents and property owners.

School search

If you are relocating with children, selecting the best school system for your family is most likely one of your top concerns. We have expertises that could provide explanation of the Spanish education system and options including state, private and international schools.

Our counsellors can identify the appropriate schools and day care centres, coordinate appointments with school directors, and assist with registration process.

Lease assistance and negotiation

We will explain and interpret terms of lease contract, plus assist in negotiation of rental price and applicable conditions.

Inspection and check-in process

Once contract is signed, we accompany client to new home to verify inventory and basic installations.