expat relocation to Spain
Personalized Relocation Services to Spain

Personalized Relocation Services to Spain

From our own personal experience we understand the situations, which you and your family might encounter during your relocation process. We can anticipate and resolve them effectively by establishing early contact with you to start working immediately on all issues related to housing, schools, transport and services. Thanks our hands-on approach, hundreds of individuals have chosen us as their relocation and global mobility advisor.

Our counsellors will show you the ins and outs of settling in Barcelona, providing expert advice to help you make the right decisions. Plus, you will discover a world of personal benefits.

Easier integration

By taking care of the administrative and home searching issues, you can fully concentrate on your work or studies.

Improved productivity

Our services will simplify time-consuming processes, allowing you to maximise your time and energy.

Flexibility and discretion

Because unpredictable factors and situations can arise, we are ready to respond to new challenges with creative solutions, a practical approach and absolute confidentiality.

Minimum effort and maximum convenience

We look for the most appropriate shortcuts and solutions, in order take up the least amount of time from your work and obligations.

Focused property search

No other agency or direct owner will provide you with a more complete and personalised home search service. Our advanced tools and exclusive network of agencies and contacts become a unique advantage within the local market.

Personalised service

Our counsellor will listen and analyse your specific needs, paying close attention to key details, logistics and cultural issues.

No language barriers

Our counsellors speak at least three of the following languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Russian, and Catalan.

Key support to spouse and children during relocation and settling-in

Our counsellors will make sure that your spouse, partner and family needs are addressed so that the transition becomes easier for all of you.

Optional concierge services and referrals

Our counsellor will explain additional services available to make your life easier in your new environment.